Image ✏ 22.12.2014:
„Maya Boog in the role of Peri gives full value to every syllable, every word seems to come out of a dream and gets projected into cosmos by her clear voice - subtle and sensual.“
NZZ ✏ 22.12.2014:
„The way Maya Boog embodies Peri‘s craving for salvation is phenomenal.“
Der Bund ✏ 22.12.2014:
„Maya Boog convincingly conquered the huge scope of the role of Peri with her broad spectrum of expression.“

Musik und Theater ✏ november 2014:
„The subtle, smooth and bright way Maya Boog interpreted these 15 songs makes one forget the enormous difficulties of the piece... It‘s brought to live with sparkling virtuosity by Maya Boog and Michael Lakner without losing the sacred depht.“

Oper aktuell ✏ october 2014:
"Maya Boog is astounding  as Antonia with an energetic bright and vibrant timbre,
which fits wonderfully to her outfit as a rockerbride."
Badische Zeitung ✏ september 2014:
"....whilst Maya Boog sings herself to death with a touching soprano tone.“
BZ ✏ september 2014:
„With her richly coloured timbre, soprano Maya Boog's depiction of Antonia is heartbreaking.“
BAZ ✏ september 2014:
"....the wonderful phrasing, enchanting with her mezza voce  and by her physicality,
Maya Boog..."
Der Neue Merker ✏ september 2014:
"Maya Boog sings and acts this Antonia so convincingly, so sincerely, that you
could believe she's playing her own life. Her perfect intonation, her distinct diction
together with an absolutely perfect body language only evokes one wish: to hear
and see Maya Boog more often in Basel again!"

DAS MARIENLEBEN ❖ Diabelli Sommer Mattsee
Drehpunkt Kultur  ✏ 16.6.14 :
„If you try to imagine how an angel would sound you would end up with the voice of
Maya Boog: clear and direct,projecting and strong without any trace of vibrato,
never puerile or sterile but smooth, intensely coloured and richly timbered...With the
eloquence and effortlessness of an actress Maya Boog decrypted the complex, image-rich verses and made them comprehensible..She also sings the sympathetic phrases with profound expression and never comes close to exaggeration.“

Kultur heute ✏ 20.3.2014:
„The timbre of the soprano is enchanting, as if from another world. Her artistry of
phrasing and use of cultured piano nuances are exemplary.The voice lies beautifully
on the breath, each and every tone sounding relaxed.“
Das Opernglas ✏ march 2014:
„The appealingly well-balanced voice has succeded in capturing the numerous varying temperaments of the soul, which Paul Hindemith composed into his musical lines and variations of expression“
Die Presse ✏ march 2014:
„An ardent renditon of the second version of the work has been preserved on this CD.“